1640 Chapin Rd

* Wholesale *

200 assortment of tires $11 / each
Distribution within South Carolina

To distribute tires out of state, it must be an order of 300 tires or more.

Please contact us for more information.

(803) 665-3632


1640 Chapin Rd, Chapin  SC 29036



Service Hours:

Monday through Sunday: 8am – 7pm

We have a wide variety of tires, from 13 to 22 inches.

1640 chapin rd



Oil change

We make oil changes for only $25. You have to bring the oil filter. The price includes labor and oil.


Brake change

We make brake changes for only $40. If the brakes are front and rear are $80. Visit us for more details.


Rim repair

We make repairs of all kinds of wheels, also welds and straighten them.

Tire repair

Our specialty is to repair tires; plugs and patches, balancing, and rotation. Everything is at a low price.

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For more information:

For orders and estimates: (803) 665-3632

Office: (803) 260-5200