We are celebrating the opening of two new tire shops in Columbia SC

909 Leesburg Rd

Juan’s Tires is pleased to announce two new tire shops in Columbia SC, the 2651 Two Notch Rd workshop and the 909 Leesburg Rd workshop. With this we continue to meet our two main objectives, to be close to you and that you can obtain the tires at the best price. Now there are a total of 7 workshops around South Carolina and we are very grateful for the support we are receiving daily for our workshops.

Our promise is to offer new and used tires at the best price and to continue achieving this we want to announce our offer for the month of June. Every Tuesday in June, tires at the 909 Leesburg Rd shop will be $ 25. Just as you can read here, all tires at $ 25, that’s a real deal. Important: this is only in the workshop at 909 Leesburg Rd. We are waiting for you.

Juan's Tires 2 new locations

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